iPhone Productivity App for Professional Real Estate Agents

Gain listings and increase your value to become a top agent by tracking stats, schedules and sharing with your listing clients!

Making Real Estate Agents Popular

Turn your listing clients into your biggest fans – and referral sources with the iPhone App for Real Estate Agents: Listings+! Our app will help you track your listing activity, schedule showings and report to your clients.
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All Your Listing Data In Your Pocket

Always know what has happened with all Listings, be it showings, inquiries, or offers. With Listings+ you have constant access to everything you have ever done for any client.

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Schedule Showings Faster

Listings+ fully integrates with you iPhone calendar and can schedule showings in a fraction of time time it would take to enter the data into the built in calendar app.

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Time is Money

Optimized for busy real estate agents, Listings+ has been field tested and every touch has been purposefully designed to save time. You will be amazed what you can do in only a few clicks!

Tag All Activity

Tracking and logging your work is a great idea, except when you can’t get credit for it. Listings+ ensures that everything you do is attributed to a client listing to you get the credit that you are due.

On The Go With You

Post-it notes, notebook, and scap pieces of paper are great for jotting down notes, but Listings+ lives inside you iPhone and ensures that you have that listing information available at a moment’s notice.

Amaze Your Clients

Clients will no longer what you have been doing for them, they can load up the Client Dashboard and instantly see and appreciate the hard work you have put in for them.

“This app helps make me a star with my clients! It is great for winning and keeping listing contracts.”

Listings+ Uses Parse to Power An Essential App for Real Estate Agents

The Listings+ for Professional Real Estate Agents iOS app gives agents a fast and powerful way to track listing stats. With a quick showing scheduler, custom events, open house tracker and email client reporting, the Listings+ app empowers Real Estate Agents to see...

Being a Professional Real Estate Agent Means Tracking Statistics

The biggest part of what Real Estate Agents do is communicate. Much of this communication is housekeeping in nature, such as scheduling listings, arranging for photos, open houses and tours. However, there comes a point in time in every transaction, where the overall...

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